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Responsible Gaming

We want to be your responsible and fair partner for your game and want to attend to you with best service and best quality.


Protection of minors and players – we explicitly exclude minors under the age of 18 years from participating in the Lapalingo platform by thoroughly checking the data of the player and we set a high value on properly processing all payments, games and transactions.


Game protection – we only use the high quality products of renowned and respectable international suppliers for the platform and our risk-management team sets a high value on the detection and abatement of game manipulation in sports by constant online monitoring and cooperation with international suppliers for detection and prevention of sports fraud and money laundering.


Protection from compulsive gambling – most players play responsible and have no problems with gambling. Unfortunately there are sporadic cases, where regular gambling can lead to compulsive behavior. We consider compulsive gambling a disease that can lead to personal problems and we set a high value on avoiding this disease.


Therefore we offer you the following options for responsible gaming:

  • An easy, clear and secure use of the platform
  • A check of the stake for all games at any time
  • Clear, easy and transparent game processes
  • Deposit limits to constrict your deposits
  • Stake- and return limits

A few hints and principles to avoid compulsive gambling:

  • Gambling is only for entertainment and is no source of income – You cannot make a living from gambling!
  • Play only with stakes that you can afford – If you notice that your stakes get higher and exceed your personal limit, you should immediately establish self-limitations.
  • Take regular breaks from gambling.
  • Never play to escape from other problems – Gambling is for your entertainment and is not a solution for problems or depression.
  • Never play under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • If you sense a feeling of unrest or petulance and you notice that your thoughts only circle around gambling, this may be an indication of a beginning gambling compulsion and you should seek professional help immediately.

If you have the feeling of becoming a compulsive gambler or your periphery points this out to you, you should immediately cease gambling and perform a self-test for first analysis:

You can find more tests online.

If you should notice compulsive behavior on yourself, immediately cease gambling and please seek professional help at once. Amongst others, you can approach international organizations like

You can find more organizations online.

Of course the team of Lapalingo is available at any time for questions about player protection – please contact our customer service.

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