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Betting terms
  • The following betting terms are valid for all betting contracts that the customer acknowledges at the latest when concluding the contract (=placing a bet). In the case of differences between the German version of the betting terms and versions in different languages, the German version is applicable.

  • For every bet, the bookmaker and the betting customer (hereinafter referred to as „user“) are involved as contracting parties. For children and adolescents it is absolutely prohibited to bet. The event on which it is possible to bet on is defined by the bookmaker.

  • The user declares

    • that he has reached the minimum age for placing bets and participating in a game according to the corresponding national legal system and that he has the capacity to act. The bookmaker is entitled at any time to request identification.

    • that he has no knowledge prior to concluding the contract about the outcome of the underlying event.

    • that the funds that are used as betting stakes do not derive from criminal activities and that they are freely available to use at his disposal

    • he will not bet on events, where the user is participating (e.g. as a competing athlete, owner, trainer or official of a competing team, etc.).

    • he is aware and will respect the daily limit to place bets of €5,000 (five thousand euros). Our daily limit does not refer to the calendar day, but over the last 24 hours. This limit is defined as a protection for our customers, since is a platform developed for entertainment and not for professional players.

    In case of a violation of these rules, the bookmaker reserves the right to decline the return of any winnings and placed stakes and to cancel these bets, whereat it is not relevant at which time the bookmaker becomes aware of said violation.

  • The bookmaker is entitled at any time to decline the acceptance of betting stakes without stating any reason, to limit the stake before accepting bets and / or change odds before the bet is placed. Furthermore it is at the bookmaker’s discretion to define mandatory odds- and payment limits for the betting customer.

    The bookmaker is also entitled to remove parts of the betting offer without stating any reasons.

  • The betting contract is concluded by accepting a betting offer.

    A bet is placed, then it is confirmed by the bookmaker and it is displayed in the customer account sections „Open bets“ or „Finished bets“.

    For the interpretation of the contracts content, the records of the bookmaker are decisive. If a bet slip is issued, the betting customer confirms the slips accuracy by accepting it without complaint. Complaints at a later time will not be considered.

    The bookmaker has the right to correct errors in spelling, calculation, odds and any other errors of his own accord – even after the contract is concluded.

  • The bookmaker is not liable for errors in typing, transmission and / or evaluation.

    Furthermore the bookmaker is not liable for the accuracy, integrity and actuality of content of information services, e.g. by mail, etc.

    Additionally no responsibility is taken for the correctness of information in statistics, tables, live scores as well as half-time results in live bets.

    The bookmaker is not liable to indicate, if a home team loses its home field advantage or if a game takes place on neutral ground.

    If for any reason the content of the betting contract should prove to be undetermined or undeterminable, the bet is invalid and the stake is returned.

  • Customers have to place their bets as individual persons. If multiple users should try to place the same bets multiple times in an organized way, the bookmaker has the right to cancel these bets at any time.

  • The betting customer does not have a unilateral right of withdrawal after the betting contract is concluded.

  • If the bookmaker has issued a bet slip, the pay-out of winnings is only possible if the original bet slip is returned, without any exceptions. The bookmaker does not assume any liability for any loss or damage (destruction) of the bet slip and is not obligated to pay in such a case. The bookmaker is also not liable to check the authorization of the bet slip bearer.

  • If bet slips are not submitted within 90 days after the conclusion of the betting event, the customer’s entitlement of pay-out becomes void.

    The bookmaker can reserve pay-out up to 45 days after submission of the bet slip.

    In any case, the bookmaker can make the pay-out dependent on the customer submitting valid photo identification.

  • The betting customer is not allowed to transfer possible claims against the bookmaker resulting out of betting contacts - whether as a gratuitous / non-gratuitous transfer or assigned account – to dispose of such claims or to balance such claims against claims of the bookmaker.

  • Due to the lack of other mandatory responsibility regulations, the responsible court at the location of the bookmaker’s head office is responsible for settling all disputes resulting from betting contracts.

  • In the following cases, bets are considered invalid or rather the betting contract is amicably suspended with legal consequence, so that the betting stake has to be refunded to the customer:

    • If the betting event does not take place like listed in the odds list (e.g. inverted home field advantage, except if the home team – for whatever reason – carry out their home field advantage in different sports facilities).

    • If the bet is placed after the actual start of the bets underlying event or if the bet placement does not correspond to the betting terms. This does not apply for the bets, that the bookmaker offers concurrently after the start of the event and are marked such, e.g. long term bets or live bets.

      The time of the conclusion of the betting contract determined by the bookmaker is binding for the betting customer.

    • If a betting event is cancelled or does not take place, except

      • if at the time of the cancellation, an alternate date within the following two calendar days (counted from the original start of the event) is not set or

      • if the betting event is appended during a sports tournament (e.g. World-, European- or State Championship, Olympic Games, tennis tournament, etc.).

    • if the betting event is aborted without an immediate official evaluation. Subsequent changes in the list of rankings (e.g. „armchair decisions“) will not be considered.

    • If a Player repeats a bet. Players are not allowed to repeat a bet.

    • if a tennis match is ended with a walk over.

  • For the evaluation of betting results the following regulations apply:

    • The result that is announced immediately after the end of the betting event is applicable (e.g. award ceremony, if it is held immediately after the betting event).

    • The result after 90 minutes regular game time (for soccer games) respectively 60 minutes regular game time (for hockey games) is applicable. A possible overtime, penalty shoot-out, etc. has no influence on the betting contract, unless the contracting parties stipulated deviant in the bookmaker’s records (e.g. European Cup – bet on team moving on into the next round).

    • If two or more events of the same kind (e.g. two baseball games) take place at one location, bets that have been submitted before the start of the first event are considered for the first event only unless explicitly stated otherwise.

    • Special regulation for live bets: All bets that are already decided (viz. the result of the corresponding market is set) are valid and will be evaluated accordingly, regardless of the later cancellation of the event / tournament at any given time.

  • If a „dead heat“ (2 or more tied for the same place) occurs, pay-outs are split accordingly (e.g.: stake 100, odd for the winner: 1.8, results in a pay-out of 180. For two winners, the pay-out is 90 each. For three winners, the pay-out is 60 each.). If only two starters (teams) compete in a betting event (e.g. training duel) and if no odd for draw is offered, pay-outs are not split in case of a “dead heat”. Instead the entire stake is refunded.

  • If the betting event takes place in accordance with the general betting terms and if an athlete or team does not participate, the betting contract remains in effect („play or pay“);This means that bets on a not participating athlete or not participating team are considered as lost for the customer.

  • If betting events are combined („combination bet“) the following applies:

    • If one or more events are cancelled, aborted or do not take place for any other reason (without an amendment in correspondence with item 13 c and without an official evaluation according to item 13 d respectively), this (these) betting event(s) is (are) evaluated with an odd of 1.00;This also applies for tennis games that end with a walk over.

    • If all betting events are cancelled, aborted or do not take place for any other reason, without an amendment in correspondence with item 13 c and without an official evaluation according to item 13d, the betting contract is retroactively nullified and the betting stake is refunded. This also applies for tennis games that end with a walk over.

    • If the conclusion of the contract occurs after the start of one or multiple events, an odd of 1.00 is applied for these events. This does not apply to bets as defined in item 13 b, 2nd sentence. If the bet is placed after the start of all events, item 13 b applies.

  • Ascertainment of winnings: For bets with fixed odds, the return is calculated by multiplying the stake with the fixed odd.

  • Pay-out: Winnings are paid-out only up to the return limit. If a bet is placed, where the return amount exceeds the return limit, the bookmaker is not liable for the surplus amount. In this case, the paid-out return is reduced.

  • Return limits:

    For sports bets the following limits apply:

    • Return limit per user and week: EUR 20,000 - or the appropriate amount in a different currency.

    • Return limit per user and bet: EUR 15,000 - or the appropriate amount in a different currency.

    If it turns out that the user has opened multiple accounts to circumvent these return limits, the bookmaker reserves the right to cancel the corresponding part of these bets, regardless of the time of the cancellations.

    If a user places multiple similar bets (also a combination of single and combination bets), where the total return exceeds the stated limits, the bookmaker also reserves the right to cancel the corresponding part of these bets, regardless of the time of the cancellations.

  • Live bets:

    Live bets are offered before and during an event on a separate live betting platform. The odds are constantly adapted according to the course of the game.

    Live bets are offered with a delay (Live-Delay) set by the bookmaker – Usually 10 seconds or less.

    The user has the option to accept odd changes that occur during the live delay.

    This allows for an easier placement of live bets.

    The setting can be found by every user by selecting „My account“ -> „Personal details“.

    The ascertainment of winnings for live bets is performePd according to the general valid rules of these betting terms, especially the regulations listed in item 14.

    The bookmaker cannot guarantee that the regular game time of an event matches the „normal“ or usual game time of the corresponding type of sports (e.g. for youth games or friendly games).

  • Deviating game times are announced by the bookmaker, provided that this information is available to the bookmaker. In any case all bets remain valid under application of all general betting terms.

    The bookmaker reserves the right to make changes to these general betting terms. The customer is required to inform himself about the currently valid regulations.

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